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Cyber Dexter Ashish C Chaturvedi

Ashish Chaturvedi is an IT Graduate with more than 10 Years of Experience in the field of Information Technology. 6+ Years of experience in Managing IT Operations, IT Security & Administration in Manufacturing Industry and 4+ Years of experience in managing various projects of HTC & Orbitz worldwide (Australia) and ING (Mexico and US). Excellent working knowledge of IT security and IT Management, especially End Point Security, Intrusion Prevention, Network Security, Content Security, Employee Productivity and Monitoring, IT Resource Optimization, Administrative Security and Productivity, Training and Awareness Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Search Engine optimization (On-Page, Off-Page and Organic Promotions), Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security.

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He Applies innovation to every single task assigned to him.

↣ He has the right attitude and take initiatives to go beyond the set goals.

↣ He always Looks for creating efficiency in everything.

↣ He works towards collective achievement.

↣ He understands how his role impacts the final goal and demonstrates how He can positively impact the end goal.

↣ He never ever sits idle and never let his team lose enthusiasm.

↣ He uses the latest methods to conduct Corporate Training.

Working and Learning with him is a True Fun.

Ashish Chaturvedi Bhopal
  • IT Consultant
  • Cyber Security Trainer
  • Cloud Computing Adviser
  • Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • Reputation Management Consultant
  • Corporate Trainer

Ashish C Chaturvedi

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